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Indoor Air Quality

We believe everyone should have access to a cozy home and healthy air. Having clean air is essential for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. All of us breathe air more than we do anything else, so it’s only right that we maintain its quality for our health. However, according to the World Health Organization, around 3 million people die every year due to poor air quality inside and outside their homes. The EPA actually cites hundreds of these deaths a week in the United States alone.

 If you’re unlucky or unprepared, you could easily end up with polluted air indoors at home or at your business. You are spending a great deal of your time in your house or at work. It almost goes without saying that if you are breathing in polluted air, your health could be at risk. Here are some reasons why you should have clean indoor air both at home and at work.

Common Pollutants


Clean Air Advantages

While many people are aware of the importance of clean air outdoors, not many are aware of the importance of clean air indoors. Good air quality pertains to the degree to which the air is clean, clear and free from pollutants such as smoke, dust, small-particle pollution, and VOC’s from your furniture, paint, carpet, and building adhesives. Although we may not notice them, we can frequently breathe in many pollutants that are harmful to our health. These pollutants can cause issues from respiratory problems and even skin conditions in both humans and pets. Therefore, it’s important that we understand how to eliminate these pollutants to help our health. Luckily, there are several ways to eliminate these pollutants.

Our Air Quality Solutions

Now more than ever it’s important to breathe easy and feel safe  in your home. We work with homeowners and business owners alike to make sure everyone can get the services they need. When you need air quality services, turn to your trusted team at Kustom Maintenance!

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