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HVAC Maintenance

Now more than ever it's important to feel comfortable and safe  in your home. We work with homeowners and business owners alike to make sure everyone can get the services they need. When you need HVAC inspection, turn to your trusted team at Kustom Maintenance!

Most don’t realize the important role their HVAC system plays in keeping them comfortable. When it’s working well, you’re likely to feel just fine about letting your heating and air conditioning systems take a break during the winter and summer months. However, when it breaks down unexpectedly in the middle of the night in 20-degree weather, you’ll be begging for it to be springtime again. This is why HVAC systems need regular check-ups and maintenance. Having an annual maintenance check performed is an affordable and effective way to keep your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in good working order.

Benefits of Bi-annual Maintenance InspectionS

Bi-annual inspections for the A/C in winter or early spring so you are ready for the hot Georgia summer. And get your heat checked before you switch that A/C off in the fall. Now, while some building owners only do a once annual inspection, this is not recommended. If you inspect the heating system and cooling system out of their seasons of use units will likely be left idle for some time after the service, during which time problems could potentially develop.

HOw many miles does my hvac system have left?

Oil furnaces and air conditioning systems are complex pieces of machinery that work continuously to keep your home comfortable And as such an HVAC system can pose both long-term and short-term costs. Most parts of your system can last between 5 and 20 years while filters only last one. The best way to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your entire HVAC system is to carry out regular maintenance.

It’s essential to get your HVAC system serviced consistently with bi-annual inspections. Running the system too hard can cause the components of your HVAC system to need more frequent tune-ups and maybe even more costly repairs. That is why we look at the entirety of your system to make sure it is operating well and try to replace on a per component basis. 

Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to reach out to us at the contact form on this page, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (912) 286-3679. 

 We can help keep all you’re A/C, heating, home safety, and air quality equipment lasting longer and working better. From cleanings to tunings we can do just about everything you may need for your HVAC system.

Inspections are normally less than an hour. However, it depends on the complexity and size of the system. 

In most cases after an inspection, maintenance can start the same day. 

 We can work with every make and every model HVAC equipment from your home or commercial property. We do recommend Goodman equipment including Gree and Daikin units.

We offer a 10 year factory parts warranty on Goodman equipment.  

  • When your AC is not cooling enough for your thermostat to cut off.
  • When you are feeling muggy in your home.
  • When you do not have any air flow
  • When your outdoor unit is not working
  • When is the system is making too loud of noises. 

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